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Creatives With AI

Episode 60 / 12th Jul, 2024

Women WithAI

Episode 11 / 3rd Jul, 2024
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WithAI FMâ„¢ is the natural extension of the Creatives WithAI podcast started by David Brown in March of 2023.

While having many engaging conversations about AI and how it relates to the creative industries, it became apparent that each industry has its own particular challenges and opportunities through the use of AI. Each one deserves its own conversations led by an industry expert in their field and thus WithAI FM was born.

Think of WithAI FM as a radio station with individual personalities all focused on different verticals - creatives, women, marketing, education, legal, etc.

We are currently looking for sponsors and engaging hosts for a number of verticals. If you're interested in either one, please contact us at aifm [at]

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